About Natural Equine Health





We are a Yarra Valley based owned and operated business, supporting the needs of  horses and dogs to ensure long term success and optimum health has been and continue to be our passion. 

All of our range has been developed by a professional Equine and Canine Naturopath and equine Nutritionist using 100% quality human grade products to meet the health and nutritional needs for animals. 

Our range of herbal products are distributed around Australia to horse and dog owners who prefer to treat their horses via the use of natural products. 

With extensive backgrounds for over 20 plus years in the nursing and managerial fields combined with a life long passion for complimentary and natural therapies and farming we offer a balance of knowledge between conventional and complimentary medicine.

The long term health of our precious animals is so important, hence we offer both nutritional and supplementional options to support their needs.